Online Store Alternative to Woo, Shopify, and BigCommerce

SiteShop online store goes head-to-head against three online store & eCommerce industry leaders. We compared 18 popular features ranging from ease-of-use and product management to advertising and social media integrations (view all SiteShop features).

SiteShop Online Store
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Shopify may seem right at first glance, but merchants are locked into their ecosystem, pay transaction fees, and need additional apps to make it all work.

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WooCommerce can be pretty challenging to use. Woo requires hosting and development effort, plus it’s locked into your WordPress website.

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BigCommerce features expensive functionality that makes sense for large enterprise companies but doesn’t fit very well for small businesses.

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SiteShop vs Shopify

SiteShop takes on the goliath of eCommerce.

Omnichannel Selling
SiteShop and Shopify have similar online store functionality that enables merchants to sell on social sites and marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. It’s a draw.

Fast Implementation
Getting started with a Shopify store requires a lot of manual work with no demo products, covers, or automation…only placeholders and instructions. SiteShop stores do the work for you. Our technology partner has been recognized for having the shortest go-live time out of all e-commerce platforms. SiteShop beats Shopify.

Global Selling
Shopify’s language capabilities are limited, reliant on 3rd party apps and manual translations. SiteShop has over 50 built-in languages and multi-language capabilities. SiteShop beats Shopify.

Site-Builder Compatible
Shopify only works on its own platform, so merchants are limited to their site builder and coding language. SiteShop plugs into any CMS, including HubSpot and WordPress. SiteShop beats Shopify.

Shopify is relatively straightforward but can require more advanced skills to set up, particularly when it comes to visual design. SiteShop gets merchants set up in minutes, no developer or coding knowledge is required. SiteShop beats Shopify.

Core Features
A large number of Shopify’s features are through app integrations, each at an additional subscription cost. All of SiteShop’s main features are built into the core platform. Apps are available as enhancements but are not required. SiteShop beats Shopify.

Zero Transaction Fees
Shopify requires merchants to use their payments system or pay a 2% transaction fee. SiteShop doesn’t charge transaction fees and allows merchants to select from over 50 international payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal. SiteShop beats Shopify.

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SiteShop vs Woo Commerce

SiteShop jumps into Woo’s pool.

It is difficult to back up stores on WooCommerce, often requiring third-party resources. As a hosted cloud solution, SiteShop backs up all store data and provides a backup storefront in case a site goes down. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is difficult for beginners, and most merchants need a developer to set up, maintain, and update their store. SiteShop helps anyone easily set up their store – no developer or technical knowledge is required. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

Data Security
WooCommerce stores are not secure by default, so merchants rely on their host and additional security features. SiteShop’s technology partner is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, ensuring all payment and transaction data is secure. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

Automatic Updates
WooCommerce merchants have to manually update their stores and plugins. SiteShop’s automatic updates mean no disruption to stores and no worrying about manual downloads or security patches. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

Loading Speed
WooCommerce requires stores to upgrade to more expensive hosting to increase their loading speed. SiteShop handles the server load, so stores load quickly every time regardless of the number of products. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

Native Omnichannel Selling
WooCommerce requires third-party plugins for many features and sales channels. SiteShop has built-in integrations for social media and marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

Site Builder Compatible
WooCommerce only works with WordPress, locking merchants into their platform. SiteShop integrates seamlessly with WordPress, along with any other CMS or website builder, including HubSpot. SiteShop beats WooCommerce.

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SiteShop vs BigCommerce

SiteShop is deceptively powerful.

Fast Implementation
Getting started with BigCommerce requires a lot of manual work with no demo products, covers, or automation included, only placeholders and instructions. SiteShop stores do the work for you. Our technology partner has been recognized for having the shortest go-live time out of all e-commerce platforms. SiteShop beats BigCommerce.

Store Management App
BigCommerce offers a basic mobile app with limited store management capability. SiteShop’s store management app for iOS and Android lets merchants manage their store and sales on the go, and is very easy to use. SiteShop beats BigCommerce.

Building a site and store with BigCommerce can be a long process, and customizations typically require a developer. With SiteShop, you can easily set up your store – no developer or technical know-how is required. SiteShop beats BigCommerce.

Built-in Integrations
BigCommerce has limited built-in sales channels, and 3rd party integrations tend to be clunky. SiteShop has built-in integrations with sales channels, advertising tools, payment gateways, point-of-sale (such as Square), and more. SiteShop beats BigCommerce.

Marketing Automation
30% of e-commerce revenue comes from abandoned cart recovery emails. BigCommerce offers marketing tools like this on their top-tier plans at nearly $80/month, while SiteShop’s starts at $35/month. SiteShop beats BigCommerce.

SiteShop works with any website, including HubSpot and WordPress!

Believe it or not, we’re big fans of all the online store leaders. We just do most things better for small businesses than they do. Because… SiteShop isn’t constrained to a single platform, is incredibly easy to use, and is power-packed with features tailor-made for small businesses.

Don’t take our word for it, create an online store now, for free to experience SiteShop for yourself. Add products one at a time or bulk upload them, manage sales, discounts, and coupons, sell on social, Google, Facebook, and even learn how to connect your Square point of sale hardware.

Opening your store requires a paid SiteShop subscription, starting as low as $12.50/mo.

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