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Custom domain. We apply your custom domain to your account. Upgrading your subscription opens access to more advanced tools in addition to custom domain mapping, such as…

Sitekit by Google. Connects Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and enables A/B testing via Google Optimize. Even connects Adsense. Plus, get insights right on the WordPress dashboard.

WPRocket. Instantly reduces your website’s load time to improve Google PageSpeed and optimize your Site for Core Web Vitals.

Media Storage. Expand media storage from 300MB on the Forever Free subscription, to 2GB/5GB (to start) on the paid subscriptions.

Cloudflare. Makes your website faster, safer, and smarter with tools that address DDoS attacks, add additional security, connect a CDN, and cache a copy of your website should yours ever become inaccessible, just for a start.

Gravity Forms. Create incredibly advanced forms for your Site that include calculations, progress bars, conditional logic, and roughly 30 additional features for users that need complex forms.

SiteShop. Launch a powerful online store. It’s not only incredibly easy to use, but it also connects to point of sale tools (such as Square and Clover), social platforms, and over 50 payment gateways.

Bonus: A Private Design Library. Featuring a collection of specialized wpSites wireframe layouts professionally engineered to help you generate high-quality leads.

And much more.

Don’t have a domain yet? We recommend Google Domains. Simple, cost-effective, and compatible with wpSites.