Our virtual webmasters will design and develop or migrate your website.

Attract visitors and land more leads. Services have fixed budgets, and scopes, and are done by local experts.

Hire virtual webmasters to migrate your website content, fast.

Migrate your current website’s content to your wpSites account.

Improve your website.

Technical improvements are made throughout the migration process, and obvious errors are corrected.

Common tasks include:

  • Port images & embedded media
  • Set up the landing page template
  • Review & address accessibility
  • Connect a Hubspot account
  • Set up mobile navigation
  • Port pages & posts
  • Style header & main navigation
  • Style footer & navigation
  • Set up website footer
  • Set up social sharing
  • Set theme colours
  • Set theme fonts
  • Set 301 redirects
  • General support

Sites migrated by our experts make the move simple and fast, allowingyou to focus on your marketing.

If you are starting from scratch, that can be easier. We’d set a wireframe layout and paste your new content in.

Hire virtual webmasters to transform your content, expertly.

Transform your content to more easily convert visitors.

Boost your business.

Strategic improvements are made and we begin incorporating a lead-qualification link strategy into your website.

Common tasks include:

  • Size and optimize hero images
  • Size and optimize inline images
  • Coach you on offer creation
  • Set up & style the blog template
  • Set up inside page sidebars
  • Set sidebar links that flowww*
  • Set up a visual CTA & link a LP
  • Set inline links that flowww
  • Set up widgets as required
  • Edit page title/subtitle/meta descriptions
  • Optimize media files
  • Set up HubSpot CRM
  • Set featured images
  • Style hero buttons

*A website optimized with our link strategy (flowww) provides a better user experience, resulting in more time-on-page, and way more qualified leads. Plus, it positively impacts SEO.


Pay Now

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High-quality, fast websites.


Please note that all funds are in $USD.

Hire an expert virtual webmaster to create a professional website for you.

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Not everyone has the time, knowledge, or resources to create a website themselves. No need to worry, our virtual webmasters are ready to help you get it done, professionally.

Small business-friendly budgets range from $1500 to a maximum of $4500 (USD). Should your website project require more extensive technical or strategic effort, we’ll provide an estimate for your approval prior to doing any work.

What can our experts do for you? In addition to the tasks outlined below, they can provide search engine optimization (SEO) and visual design services. (Get a PDF of this page.)

Some website projects require more extensive technical work, copy-editing, or shopping cart setup (for example) we’ll provide an estimate for your approval prior to doing any work.

Plus, we have specialist partners we can refer you to as needed. When a project is referred to one of our Certified Partners, the internal support team acts as your project manager, providing quality control and project approvals.