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wpSites is a managed website environment. We maintain the tech so you can focus on growing your business.

Should you need help creating your new website, we assign a virtual webmaster to create your website for you.

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1 Hour Onboarding Support (Upgradable)
Connect Custom Domain
WordPress Gutenberg
Free SSL (Activated)
Increase to 2GB+ Storage
User Management (Enabled)
Site Import/Export (Enabled)
HubSpot (Connect, Upgradable)
Kadence Blocks (Installed, Upgradable)
RankMath SEO (Installed, Upgradable)
INK Ai (Installed, Upgradable)
SiteShop (Installed, Upgradable)
Social Warfare (Installed, Upgradable)
Header Footer Access (Enabled)
Sitekit by Google (Activated)
Instagram Feed (Activated)
Gravity Forms (Activated)
ContactForm7 (Optional)
WPRocket (Activated)
Cloudflare (Connect)
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15 Min. Onboarding Support (Upgradable)
wpSites Subdomain
WordPress Gutenberg
Free SSL (Included)
300MB Storage
User Management (Enabled)
Site Import/Export (Enabled)
HubSpot (Connect, Upgradable)
Kadence Blocks (Installed, Upgradable)
RankMath SEO (Installed, Upgradable)
INK Ai (Installed, Upgradable)
SiteShop (Installed, Upgradable)
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Common questions answered.

See the FAQs page for additional info.

What is a managed website?

In a managed website environment, developers address the technical aspects of your website for you. Common technical aspects include This frees you up to focus on your content.

How do I manage my WordPress site?

Managing content in a managed website means logging in with your username (account), then adding content to pages and publishing those pages. In wpSites, you have access to a variety of pre-installed and largely pre-configured high-end plugins as well as many standard website tools.

Can I cancel my managed website account at any time?

Yes. Both our Forever Free and Upgrade subscriptions are provided on an annual basis. You can request deletion of your account and website(s) via support ticket, or delete your site yourself from the Tools menu, or choose not to renew a paid account.

What happens if I delete my website?

Users may delete their site at any time. This is not recoverable. Additionally, you may ask us to remove your account and personal information from our systems via the Support Ticket form located on your WordPress Dashboard (when logged in).

Is it easy to change managed website plans?

Yes. To Upgrade, complete the Upgrade request and pay the annual fee. Support will then work with you to connect your custom domain prior to activating the advanced tools.
To downgrade to the Forever Free plan, contact support and alert us to turn off the auto-renew. You may continue to use the paid plan until the term ends.
Users are never required to upgrade their websites. Upgrades are most common when a user wishes to add a Custom Domain and use the advanced tools.

What happens if I choose not to renew?

Applies to Upgrade subscriptions only. Contact support a few days before your renewal date and we’ll disable the auto-renew. Upon canceling your Upgrade subscription, support reverts your site back to the Forever Free subscription, and Upgrade-specific subscription features are disabled. Your content is not affected.

Can I manage more than one website?

Yes. You are issued an account when signing up. A website is automatically created on our subdomain. Upgrade to add your own domain such as when you wish to or launch. You may request the creation of additional websites and access them via the same login, either by signing up again (using the same username/email combination) or submitting a request via the support ticket form on the WordPress dashboard.

Do I have to choose my managed website plan first?

No. Upon signup, all sites are set as Forever Free. Upgrade when and if you want to.

Can I get a refund?

No. The Upgrade plan is sold as an annual recurring service. You may cancel the auto-renew at least one week prior to the renewal event. If you do not need to upgrade, you are welcome to use the Forever Free plan.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No credit card is required to sign up. If you choose to upgrade, you’ll pay $125 annually using a credit card.

Can I see a demo?

You are looking at one. Our entire website is built inside of wpSites, just as yours would be. Sign up for free and take your own site for a test drive.

Are wpSites managed websites safe and secure?

Yes. Our servers run data protection measures for your peace of mind. Ours, too.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some “upgradable” links contain affiliate attribution codes. Affiliate earnings help us offset the cost of providing free services to countless small businesses, non-profits, and students. It’s one way we give them a fighting chance while avoiding displaying ads within our service. We hope you’ll join us in helping as many people as possible by using our affiliate links when upgrading these incredible tools.

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Both free and upgrade managed website plans feature responsive design. Upgrade plans permit connecting a custom domain. Tip: start with a Free site, then Upgrade when you are ready to launch.

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